Motorcycle Polishing

[ezcol_2third]The Motorcycle Industry has turned much of its past chrome work into polishing!

full polished motorcycle engineHere we see a full polished motorcycle engine! Nothing is too good for some bike enthusiasts! And the difference between the price of chrome and polishing is sure to make any cycle owner a true believer in the miracles of polishing!


aluminum motorcycle rimsThe polishing of aluminum motorcycle rims is becoming all the rage. This is a Harley Davidson Fatboy Rim polished to perfection! Call us and find out how little it costs to get your bike looking like it belongs on a show bike!


Primary coversPrimary covers, fork tubes, shift levers, oil pan covers, foot pegs – all easily and affordably polished to a show finish! We can take an oily, scratched and stained piece of aluminum and make it look like brand new again! Especially helpful for those people who want to keep everything on their bike stock.

engine casesFrom engine cases to cylinders and heads and everything in between, we have plenty of experience with motorcycle parts. We have done parts for Harley Davidson, S & S Cycle and many of the local and long distance bike shops around the country.


HONDA$20BIKE$20RIMIt’s not only the Harleys and the aftermarkets, we also polish motorcycle parts for Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha and Polaris bikes too! Call or email us today with your polishing needs. You are guaranteed to be satisfied and will be telling all your bike enthusiast friends where to get there polishing done! (or you may keep the secret to yourself!)[/ezcol_2third] [ezcol_1third_end][/ezcol_1third_end]not only the Harleys