Custom Polishing

We know not everyone is a car or bike enthusiast. Some people spruce up their boat, their four-wheeler, or their home. Everyone has their own personal showpieces, and we want to help you make your showpiece a one of a kind!

We have done everything from brass portholes to copper range hoods and everything in between. Sometimes a rummage sale find of a copper boiler becomes a showpiece for pennies on the dollar! Many people bring in brass door hardware and other small trinkets that can really add to the overall look of a particular area.

We also polish trophies, awards, small pieces for airplane seats, compound bow risers, boat motor housings, and many other strange and wonderful things! Browse through these pictures for some of the unique polishing jobs we have come across and see how well they turned out!

This beer keg was the life of the party! Almost too pretty to tap!

How many boat motors have you seen like this?!

This early 1900’s bed did not look like this when we started. The bed was dissassembled and each tube individually polished. If you are restoring an old home, and want to have some authenticity in your project, a brass bed is all the rage!

If you’re not sure if something is polishable, give us a call. We can help you determine whether it would be cost effective and give you a good idea of how good it will look when it’s done! To contact us please contact us here.