Automotive Polishing

Our automotive talents cover your car from one end to the other!

[ezcol_4fifth]ColumnRestoring an old vehicle? A show car? Have a new vehicle you want to spiff up? Or are you in the business of building custom engines? Whatever your niche we can help you build the car of your dreams for much less than the cost of chrome!

We can polish any aluminum or stainless engine component until it shines like chrome, from valve covers to intakes, air cleaners to hood scoops, door and window trim to rocker moldings, starters, radiators and many other engine components.

Getting your rims polished is as easy as 1,2,3! Just have the rims removed from the car. Have the tires taken off and bring your rims in to us. Most rims are done within 1-2 weeks and the polishing will last you for years!

We also do valve covers, intakes, air cleaners, hood scoops, door and window trim, rocker mouldings, starters, radiators, and many other engine components!

Big block Big block, small block—whatever you’re running we have the skill and knowledge to turn your dull, stained parts into a thing of beauty! Depending on the quality of the casting, polished parts come out looking as good or better than chrome for a fraction of the cost of chroming.
complete transmission

This complete transmission will be the envy of all your car enthusiast competitors!
flat headThis flat head has gone through a beautiful transformation! The picture speaks for itself!

If you have automotive parts you would like to have polished please contact us or just drop them off!