Finishes Available

We are able to take stainless steel and aluminum and provide a wide array of finishes.

120 180 Finish120/180 Grit Grain Finish

The standard 120/180 grit grain finish is ideal for any aluminum or stainless project. This finish is optimal for a low cost project on high traffic areas where the finish may come in contact with hands, feet or other traffic. Provides a directional grain with the look of satin and a pronounced grain look/feel.

320 Finish320 Grit Food Grade Finish

The standard 320 grit food grade finish is the preferred finish in most restaurant and pharmaceutical applications. Anywhere food is present and cleaning is a factor. This finish provides a uniform non-pattern finish which is smooth and has a pleasing etched look. This finish is available on aluminum or stainless.

Scotchbrite FinishScotchbrite Finish

The standard Scotchbrite Finish is basically a finer 320 grain finish. This finish has a grain look but is much finer and is not as deep as the 120/180 grit grain. Provides a smoother satin grain finish good for esthetically pleasing projects where there will be minimal traffic and a lower budget is preferred.

Mirror Finish#8 Mirror Finish

This standard finish is possibly the most popular of all and is available for stainless steel or aluminum. This finish gives the illusion of chrome without the high cost and maintenance that comes with chroming. This finish gives the appearance of being a mirror. Perfect for projects like lettering, logos, and custom motorcycle and automotive parts. Typically used in high end custom projects.

Glass Bead FinishGlass Bead Blast

Glass Bead Blast finish provides a clean, uniform finish much like a freshly cast part but much more even and in most cases brighter. A good finish for a component you want to look clean and uniform but still original. This process is one of the lower cost finishes.

Vibratory Finish Photo2Vibratory Mill Finish

Vibratory finishing provides an almost mirror like finish without losing much of the raw castings qualities and features. No sanding is done on these they are just tumbled in steel media. This is the lowest cost process, but has limitations in part size and additional costs if the part has drilled holes or fine crevices.

Sample parts are graciously provided at no cost! Send us your parts and we can finish them and quote per your request!